What: Puro Fantasía is a design studio that includes:

-Puro Fantasía press (coming soon)

-Puro Fantasía music

-Puro Fantasía Radio Hrs


Who: Josh Pankara Chuquimia J Crampton, an Aymara-American designer, songwriter & DJ etc.

For graphics/illustration, contact me here

Current band/music project: J Dendê

Radio Shows: Puro Fantasía Radio Hrs on Datafruits.fm

                           Turquoise Jungle on KCHUNG Radio

DJ monthlies: Monsters In Town every 3rd Wednesday at Little Joy in Echo Park (on hiatus)

SNS: IG, Soundcloud, Twitter

I also like drawing comics and writing stories. Most of my past comics were self-published under Petty Cash Comix from 2013-2017. 

Currently working on a  new publishing imprint & more for 2020.