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side A

Theme of Kyoya/京也のテーマ Theme of Demon city/魔界都市のテーマ Main theme of Demon city/魔界都市メインテーマ Theme of old man Ray/ライ老師のテーマ Theme of Ashura/ASHURAのテーマ Theme of Kyoya、Main theme、Ending Sayaka/サヤカ フルバージョン Theme of Lar/ラーのテーマ Any other goblins/魔物BARA MUSIC5_M-9A Demon City Shinjuku SFX Suite

side B (BONUS CUTS I) Music1 M1B Music1 M1D Music1 M2B Music2 M2C Music2 M2D Music2 M2E Music2 M2F

side C (BONUS CUTS II) Music3 M6A Music3 M6B Music4 M7B Music4 M7C Music4 M8B Music4 M8C Music5 M9B Music5 M9C Music5 M9D

side D (BONUS CUTS III) Music5 M10A Music5 M10B Music5 M10C Music5 M10D Music5 M10E Music5 M10F Music5 M10G Music5 M10H Music5 M10I Music5 M10J Music5 M10K Music5 M10L

I was very excited when I heard that Tiger Lab Vinyl would be releasing the OST for Demon City Shinjuku by composer Motokazu Shinoda.

Shinoda has a varied discography including soundtrack & BGM work for Anime such as Video Girl, マドナー(Madonna) & the My Neighbor Totoro sound book (with Hisaishi Joe). He has also been a part of performances of various works by Isao Tomita as well as being a collaborator on the soundtracks for Tetris & a few other video games.

According to the TLV site, this soundtrack has never been released in any format. I'm not really aware as to how this collection was put together, but I'm going to guess that most of Side A is the OST "proper" and the remaining sides are tracks from the archive that didn't have formal titles, which is why they're labeled as "bonus cuts". Either way, this double LP definitely has a lot to offer for horror synth heads.

I first came across the Demon City Shinjuku OVA (originally released in Japan in 1988) as a kid in the mid 90's when it arrived at my house via an Anime VHS subscription service that my grandmother gifted to me & my younger sibling. Because of that service, we got to own and enjoy many 80's & 90's Anime essentials that my parents would have never let me rent at our local Blockbuster Video or were too expensive at Suncoast.

Other than the intro battle scenes, I didn't seem to recall the music on DC Shinjuku at all. Because of this, I was very eager to put the needle on these sides and see what it was all about. The first two sides feature a nice mix of triumphant 80s tracks and dark instrumental synth compositions that are themes based on several of the main characters.

The remaining 3 sides are where things get very interesting. These sides have sort of a bootleg presentation and several themes are repeated from Side A & B, which can be a bit disorienting. I personally love this type of thing, so it is a welcome feature here.

The final side has some incredible short tracks that almost play out as a horror synth sample pack. The OST is definitely worth picking up for those moments alone.

Unfortunately, there are no official streaming links to these tracks, but I urge you to support the effort to bring this music to the people & purchase an LP if you want to hear it. If you enjoy it, also check out other works by Shinoda (I'll include a link to his site below).

If you're an anime & horror OST fan, this is a no brainer. I also highly recommend checking out the other Anime soundtracks Tiger Lab Vinyl has released on wax so far. They've put out the OST's for Wicked City, Perfect Blue, Death Note & the 1st Devilman OVA to name a few. I've picked up several & most of them stay in my DJ/radio show bag at all times. Every release they've put out is classic and just might take you back to those Anime VHS days of old.

They even have a subscription service.

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